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Pistol Target Shooting is a sport where:

• everybody has the same chance of success and nobody starts with a handicap
• you succeed in direct proportion to the amount of practice you are prepared to do
• you can succeed and have fun even if you do not start at a young age as you do not have to give up shooting as you get older like many other sports and can keep participating as long as you enjoy it
• all members of a family over the age of 12 can become actively involved in the sport
• men, ladies, and juniors (under 21 years of age) could win medals at various World Championships, Regional, National, Olympic and Commonwealth Games
• as a competitor you learn self discipline, develop sound eye & hand coordination and make decisions quickly under pressure
• both the able-bodied and disabled can compete and participate
• WDPC calendar of events lists different matches on various days/nights of the week in which you may participate with each match having its own particular rules and regulations that govern the conditions, ranges, time limits, distances, targets and type of pistols and ammunition that are to be used
• WDPC members can participate in competitions conducted at Club, Postal, State and National levels
• safety & procedural training is provided to all members.

• opportunity to socially interact with other members both during and after match shooting.


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